About Us

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was established in 1981 as legal successor to the Criminal Justice Supervisory Council formed in 1972. The CJCC is a special purpose unit of local government, formed under Chapters 167 and 181 of the Ohio Revised Code and by resolution of the City of Toledo and Lucas County. CJCC is now a 13·member board comprised of criminal justice professionals, elected officials, and citizen representatives. An operational staff works to achieve the board’s mission.

The mission of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is to promote and foster cooperation, coordination, and cost-savings between governmental units and agencies, and to improve the criminal justice system through information services, technical assistance, analysis, grant development, research, and by providing regional services requested by the governmental units served.

Over the last several years, the CJCC has focused primarily on offering integrated criminal justice information systems through the Northwest Ohio Regional Information System (NORIS). NORIS was founded in 1976 to provide records automation for Toledo Municipal Court, the Toledo Police Department, and the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office. Currently, NORIS supports over 1,000 terminals in seven counties that link 2,400 users who collectively perform more than seven million transactions per month. Criminal histories are maintained on 650,000 offenders and on-line access to 92,000 active warrants is offered. NORIS has evolved into a model of systems integration across many different agencies. Similar models are successfully being deployed across Ohio and the rest of the United States.

CJCC accomplishments include:

  • planning and development of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, the first multi-jurisdictional, regional correctional facility in the state, resulting in significant annual cost savings for the City and County

  • catalyst and facilitator for a broad-based video arraignment project now being used at Maumee and Oregon Municipal Courts and the Lucas County Corrections Center, allowing these agencies to take advantage of pooled resources in achieving common technological advancements

  • distribution of Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, Violence Against Women Act, and Juvenile Justice federal funds of over $1 million per year for local criminal justice programming

  • partnership with Toledo Municipal Court to implement the first integrated, paperless warrant system used by a major city in the United States, saving in excess of $500,000 per year

  • development of an integrated text-based personal identification system (RID) used within all applications to uniquely identify an individual

  • deployment of one of the first electronic subpoena systems in Ohio

  • implementation of a system-wide, common mugshot and lineup identification system

  • extension of links to state and national databases into courts and probation offices, a time-saving feature not commonly deployed throughout Ohio

  • creation of an integrated and regional warrant file system that provides the ability to store and query local warrants, missing persons, protection and anti-stalking orders, sex-offender flags, and other court orders

  • deployment of numerous business process integration features between applications that automated routine repetitive processes

  • creation of an application that queries multiple NORIS, state, and federal databases through a single query request

  • development of an Ohio Incident Based Reporting System, certified by the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services

Board Members

City Appointments

Wade Kapszukiewicz, Mayor
City of Toledo
One Government Center - Suite 2200
Toledo, OH 43604
Clerk of Court
Vallie Bowman-English, Clerk of Court Chairman
Toledo Municipal Court
555 N Erie St
Toledo, OH 43604
City Council Member
John Hobbs III, Council Member
Toledo City Council
One Goverment Center - Suite 2120
Toledo, OH 43604
Director of Police Operations
Michael Troendle, Chief of Police
Toledo Police Department
525 N Erie St
Toledo, OH 43604
Municipal Court Judge
Timothy Kuhlman, Judge Vice Chairman
Toledo Municipal Court
555 N Erie St
Toledo, OH 43604
At-Large Member
Randall Parker III, Pastor
Canaan Manifested Word Church
1333 Western Ave.
Toledo, OH 43609

County Appointments

Lisa Sobecki, Commissioner Treasurer
Lucas County Board of Commissioners
One Government Center - Suite 800
Toledo, OH 43604
Michael Navarre, Sheriff
Lucas County Sheriff's Office
1622 Spielbusch Ave
Toledo, OH 43604
Julia R. Bates, Prosecutor Secretary
Lucas County Prosecutor's Office
700 Adams St
Toledo, OH 43604
Common Pleas Court Judge - Gen. Div.
Lindsay Navarre, Judge
Lucas County Common Pleas Court House
700 Adams St
Toledo, OH 43604
Common Pleas Court Judge - Juv. Dev.
Linda Knepp, Administrative Judge
Lucas County Juvenile Court
1801 Spielbusch Ave
Toledo, OH 43604
At Large Member
Sean McNulty, Chief Public Defender
Toledo Legal Aid Society
555 N. Erie St, Suite 248
Toledo, OH 43604

CJCC Appointments

CJCC Appointment
Rodney Theis, Chief
University of Toledo Police Department
MS 207 - Transportation Center
2801 W Bancroft St
Toledo, OH 43606